Best Trading Journals 6 Best Choices for Traders

best trading journals

A comprehensive help center guides users toward setting up, understanding, and optimizing their use of Edgewonk’s trading journal. In short, a trading journal is a record of your trades over time that you can look back to and analyze. You can keep those records manually, but the technique is time-consuming and lacks automated statistical and analytical tools. If you’ve been using trading journals for some time, then you probably know just how important tagging can be. TV provides you with the ability to suggest keyword tags that you can conveniently use to pull data and create meaningful reports. Edgewonk is downloadable trading journal software that offers deep analysis of your trades.

Build Better Trading Strategies with Valuable Insights

  1. So whether you are speculating on cryptos, stocks, futures, options, commodities, or forex, a trading journal can help you document your progress and improve your trading performance.
  2. Forex traders should be aware of the fact that only MetaTrader 5 is supported for auto-sync, not MT4.
  3. Let’s take a closer look at the six best trading journal platforms for 2022.
  4. Carolyn has more than 20 years of writing and editing experience at major media outlets including NerdWallet, the Los Angeles Times and the San Jose Mercury News.

Embrace the power of journaling, and you’ll be well on your way to discovering the mysteries of trading success. Lastly, if you fancy the idea of sinking your teeth in tons of data, TraderSync’s robust reporting system will certainly work for you. Don’t get us started on the fact that you can drill down the stats needed all thanks to the built-in filtering tools. best trading journals Alternatively, you can go for a $197 package which also provides you with access to the Trader Development Course that’s valued at 79 bucks. So if you don’t mind the monthly fee, Tradersync is a fantastic solution for all the markets you trade. He’s a father of 2 beautiful girls, a dog owner, a long-time online entrepreneur and an investing enthusiast.

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best trading journals

Your best friend in your quest to become a profitable trader is data, and trade journals help you keep track of it. Regardless of whether you build your own trading journal or use one of the services recommended above, there are endless ways you can go about conducting post-trade analysis. In his book Trade Your Way to Financial Freedom, Van Tharp advocates finding the right strategy for you. The more you test different strategies and learn about yourself, the more successful you will be over time. If you take the time to conduct post-trade analysis, you can improve your success rate and ultimately make more money from your investing. Reviewing the film is a critical part of professional sports, and investing is no different.


He holds two of the most widely recognized certifications in the investment management industry, the Chartered Financial Analyst and the Chartered Market Technician designations. Previously, he was a contributing editor at BetterInvesting Magazine and a contributor to The Penny Hoarder and other media outlets. Modest Money is the place where people come to learn about investing and how to use it as a means to a better life.

best trading journals

You’ll have to provide billing information, but won’t be charged until the trial period ends. You can downgrade or cancel your plan before the trial ends to reduce/avoid the fee. Tradesviz is way more than just a journal, with everything from simulated trading to in-depth options analysis, Tradesviz is making itself a one-stop shop for trading resources.

This enables traders to identify patterns in their trading, assess their win rate, and much more. Moreover, several of these trading platforms offer seamless integration with your brokerage accounts, allowing you to transfer your trading data without needing a credit card. This feature can be incredibly useful for tracking real-time trades and generating up-to-date reports. Given the volatility of digital currencies, keeping a meticulous record of every transaction can be a lifesaver.

While the journal options are greater now, it also complicates the decision of choosing one. You have to decide which one is best for you based on what you need and how you trade – and what is possible that might help you improve your trading in ways you never imagined. offers analysis tools so you can track your own performance and see how your trading improves over time. However, the analysis tools aren’t as customizable as they are with dedicated journaling software. is a community-based trading platform founded by trader Timothy Sykes.

Keep reading for a full breakdown of our top-3 trading journals, so you can decide which has the potential to sharpen your trading edge and help you dominate the financial markets. Modern trading journals make it even easier to draw insights from your trading data. Trading journals automatically organize and store your trading data in a centralized location so you can thoroughly analyze your results and improve your performance at a much quicker pace. Next up is Edgewonk, a comprehensive trading software that includes a trading journal in addition to many other features. Edgewonk has been around for nearly a decade now and continues to evolve and improve, with regular updates and new features constantly added. The hardest thing with trading journals is deciding to start and building the habit of maintaining consistency.

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