I'm starting to get my supplies together for Baby L and can't wait to

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TikTok video from Kristin | Lactation Consultant (@klindenlactation): “I’m starting to get my supplies together for Baby L and can’t wait to use my @BabyBuddha pump and @Bodily nursing/pumping bra! . The baby buddha pump is a small, portable pump that you can wear while doing tasks around the house, but still packs a big punch when it comes to suction power (which can be the issue with portable pumps)! Set up looks a little different than your typical wall pump, but is so quick and easy! . The bodily do anything bra is silky smooth to make it sooo comfy to wear all day, especially if you’re going back and forth between breastfeeding and pumping so you dont have to change bras! . Have you used these? What do you think if them? #breastfeeding #bottlefeeding #pumping #breastpump #babybuddha #bodily #pumpingbra #portablebreastpump #breastmilk #exclusivepumping #newborn”. Setting up my baby Buddha pump and Bodily pumping bra🥰 | Super easy to put together with minimal parts | My favorite aspects are the portability & the comfy silicone flange | Beautiful Things - Benson Boone.

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I'm starting to get my supplies together for Baby L and can't wait

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